Love Dare vs Boaz Quilt 

Hey there!! How are you? I am so blessed. . I am having a sleepy extra day off of work and enjoying every minute even though I’m definitely not resting much!! 

I want to pause a sleepy minute and tell you a new twist I’m doing on the Love Dare and how it’s impacting my quilt. You see what I’ve recently noticed is that each day’s study has multiple Bible verses in the text. . . .  a sneaky adddition and I need to study . . yes, I am really needing to study each verse and how it relates to me and my impact on our marriage. This will decidedly slow down my progress to the end of this study, but will create such major, and desperately needed, growth in me!! 

I do already have about 50 verses I can stitch onto the quilt, but this added study will mean even more verses!! Hoping there is enough space for every verse I am praying over Hector and our marriage!!! 

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