Sorry I’ve been AWOL

Hey there. Sorry I’ve been more than a bit AWOL. My hours have increased and my tooth has once again decided to take revenge on me. Between exhaustion and the tooth infection I’ve been. . . well, not me. I am feeling quite fortunate to get 60-76 hours/week as the next few paychecks will be awesome! I am beginning to get my finances set up the way I want and will share some of that soon.

As far as the toothache goes, well the infection is in rare form as it rears it’s ugly misshapen head 😱 I was fine when I woke but that was a ruse to confound and confuse me. By the time I was dressing for work I was feeling the beginnings of throbbing. I took two (2) nsaids, rubbed on some tumeric and headed off to work still in extreme pain . . where, oh where did I pit my pliers??!! 😒

Honestly I think this business with my tooth started up again yesterday and I didn’t see the symptoms. That would explain why the three (3) hour lecture got to me vs just knowing I’m doing a good job and moving on. . . I obviously need to be more aware of my own needs. I’ve been putting everyone else first and can see the definite results of that. Beginning in March I’m going to slow down considerably. My finances should be clearly heading the right direction and I should be able to buy us each a bed so we’re no longer sleeping on the floor. Cutting back towards 40 hours/week will be a nice break!!



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